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What is AquaTraction?

Advanced Marine Flooring

AquaTraction is a superior alternative to marine carpet and traditional molded-in non-ski. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, AquaTraction is made from UV-resistant closed-cell xPE foam that will not absorb water and provides exceptional traction when wet or dry.

We are the only AquaTraction dealers in Canada, based out of Lake of the Woods Marina in Kenora, Ontario.

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AquaTraction Boat Flooring

Now is the time to upgrade your boat with the AquaTraction synthetic boat flooring system! Our non-skid boating surface is ideal for fishing boats, sailboats, ski boats, houseboats, personal watercraft, and other marine vehicles. AquaTraction Central Canada is the only dealer of this incredible product in Canada. 

What it looks like to partner with AquaTraction​

We make the process of choosing the right decking for your boat easier than ever thanks to our unique digital scanning process. See your design come to life before your eyes, in a 3D representation of your boat. Get creative with colours, patterns, and the latest in marine flooring technology with AquaTraction.

Premium boating experience

While fishing or cruising in the open sea, it’s likely that you and your guests will be standing on the vessel decks for long periods of time. Standard boat flooring is hard and can be hard on the comfort of you and your guests. The AquaTraction flooring system provides comfort when standing or kneeling on marine decks and platforms while also protecting surfaces from wear and tear. This is why investing in professional boat deck flooring is key. Aquatraction boat flooring is soft cushioned and comfortable, you and your passengers will be able to stay out longer and feel less fatigued when you install AquaTraction’s closed cell technology with microscopic air pillows to gently cushion your feet, knees, and back. Family and friends will enjoy a premium boating experience with aquatraction boat flooring installed on your deck.

Safety at sea

Minimize your risk of accidents while out at sea and in the harbor. A wet or damp boat floor is an accident waiting to happen and decks and transoms are exposed to water frequently, which increases the risk for you and your guests. With our non-slip, marine flooring , you can enjoy exceptional traction wet or dry, making your vessel safer than ever. Keep steady and sure footing even in rough weather conditions Built with our proprietary cross-linked synthetic resin, AquaTraction provides you and your guests exceptional footing in rough or calm seas. Give your casting deck, cockpit, and transom the grip you need with AquaTraction.

Visually stunning​

Overtime general wear and tear to your boat deck can make your boat appear unloved and in need of a bit of TLC. Thanks to our custom marine flooring options, you can transform the look and feel of your boat with eye-catching color combinations and patterns. Ideal for those who are hoping to sell a boat or just want to make your boat feel new again.

Stain resistant flooring

Fishing boats can become stained even after one trip, whereas yachts and sailing boats can be prone to spills and stains from food and drinks. Not to mention the salty seawater! AquaTraction boat flooring is by far the most stain resistant product on the market. Our non-absorbent, closed-cell technology prevents liquids from penetrating the surface making stain removal easy and fast, giving our customers the very best in class when it comes to boat deck flooring protection. No more scrubbing or deep cleaning to remove marks, even coffee, oil, permanent markers, and BBQ sauce are no match for our boat flooring. Reduce your maintenance workload by removing stains right when they happen and keep your boat flooring surfaces clean and stain-free all year with marine flooring by Aquatraction.

Highly durable against UV damage

Soaking up the sun while onboard is what boating is all about, but this can have a detrimental impact on the appearance of your boat deck. But with AquaTraction marine flooring you can sit back and relax throughout the summer without worrying about UV damage. We use a sturdy polyethylene-based foam to provide a highly-durable boat deck flooring solution. With our closed-cell technology, you can prevent scratches, dents, and anything in-between.

Precision made boat flooring​

Boat surfaces come in many styles and specifications. You need boat flooring that is cut precisely to keep water from seeping and provide a unified fit on your boat. AquaTraction sections are precision CNC cut, with each project designed and engineered by our in-house CAD specialist. All of the components of your installation will be accurately cut on our CNC router. When you choose our AquaTraction boat flooring system, you can rest assured we can customize the flooring to fit perfectly in your boat, no matter its size or style. And best of all, we provide the fastest lead time in the industry.

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